Online Rental Service

Agril Mach provides an on demand rental service concept, which will bring a revolution in agriculture hiring system all across the country. The business model has made it possible for the farmers to simply tap on their smart phones or by a call & have an Agril. Machinery arrives at their location in the req. time.

Value of Machinery Owners

  • Additional source of Income.
  • Flexible working schedules, can work part time or simply whenever they like.
  • Easy payment procedure through Agril Mach.
  • Can track & monitor his driver & machines through advanced GPS Service.

Value of Customers

The waiting time, poor service, high pricing & no bargain capacity during were the main problems for these peoples, Also the situation is worse the peak season period & it is very hard to find a machinery, which leads to poor agricultural practices in their fields. So Agril Mach provides them

  • Minimum waiting time
  • Affordable cost
  • Good customer support